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Flash Development Services

Flash development is offred by Highlex Technologies that is an integrated development environment (IDE) for development of desktop application, adobe flash website and such application run in adobe integrated runtime, adobe flash player, Microsoft Windows etc. Flash is used to add srreamed video or audio player and interactive multimedia contents accessible on various operating system.

Flash application and animation can be programmed by our employees using the object oriented language called action script..the most popular authoring tool for creating the flash content is adobe flash professional which allow automation through JavaScript flash language. Flash development as an open source project. We can create website within a minute without any skill and do so from anywhere in the world directly online using an internet browser.

Highlex is also helpful in improving and optimising the program as well as write plugin for any feature that may be missing and also helpful to create simple as well as complex flash animation where user can combine different effects with single flash animation. With the help of many flash designer. We can start to create photo album, a slideshow with transition effect a website intro or a multipage presentation. On the web, flash faces the growing challenge of HTML web developers are likely to turn to flash for only the most media rich application such as those that need access to webcam and microphone. See more

Our developer can create their own effect by using a powerful effect engine by scripting in action script 3 or JavaScript. Flash development can be used to publish website and its application by the use ofcompile action compiler. By using following method, flash development can be used to build desktop application and mobile application package app for Android using AIR developer tool.

Our flash player's security record has compelled many security experts to recommend to block the flash content. The need for browser plugin such as flash is diminishing. So instead of creating flash content to be served over the web and wedged into a browser window through a plugin, developers can use the same skills and technologies to offer the same content as first class app for window using tower-centric metro style. Hide